Hard-Hitting Topics

Disclaimer: This is not a piece of writing in which I bring up issues and topics that carry a lot of weight in this society and are very controversial and push my opinions of said issues and topics onto you. No, of course not, because you would hate me for this.

Our world is a complicated place, and no one will dispute that. The problems and issues that arise throughout the country are not ones that are easy fixes. No, they are problematic, perplexing, and nearly impossible to explain, work out, and eventually, hopefully, fix. Because wrapped up around all these issues and topics are the opinions of us; the people.

As your mother always told you when you were younger, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But through the years, I think we have forgotten how to give our opinions, and most importantly, how to react to other’s opinions. We are so ready to discount the thoughts of another because of our own narrow-mindedness that our opinion is the only one out there. Through policy-making it is most prevalent, and I will argue that it is the most detrimental to our world and our society we live in. It is flat out impossible to come to a compromise without hearing the thoughts of the other side, and nothing will come about without a compromise. From what it seems like, opposing sides of the government will eat dirt before they hear the other side with an open mind.

A hot topic right now is the topic of abortion. Now, I am not one to pick a definitive “side”, so to speak, on issues such as this, but I do have to say that I am pro-choice in this case. I believe that if a woman feels the need to kill her baby, that she doesn’t want the baby coming into the world, she will find a way to do so whether abortion is legalized or not. And that is my opinion. I am not saying that I would ever do this myself, or that I even see this as morally correct. But that is not my place to say. Many others have to learn to reason this way, with a level-headed mind and some compromise as well. The other side says that it is murder, and we cannot legalize murder, and that is also a great point. But instead of continuing to try to jam our views into the heads of the rest of us, how about find ways to reduce unwanted pregnancy? because, in the end, that is the issue at hand that both sides can agree on.

The world is a complicated place, and these issues will continue to present themselves until we are no longer. However, we must find effective, efficient ways to hear the voices of others and come up with solutions that will satisfy the majority. It seems self explanatory and almost dumb to have to say, but next time you fight your friend on where to go to dinner, you will recognize the struggle of having to pick Chinese instead of Mexican.