Presidential Debacle

I can no longer go about my day without hearing a new remark or joke concerning the upcoming presidential election. The complete mockery these candidates are making out of themselves is comical, but the fact that they are reflective of our country makes us not laugh about it all. At the beginning of this election process, I didn’t see the potential of having some of these candidates as the leaders of our country. However, time is ticking, candidates are dwindling, and the ones that remain are the ones we’re all nervous about.

On the democratic side of things, we have Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. There are pitfalls to each one, even setting aside their views on policy. Beginning with Bernie, he is a 75 year old man. We have not had a president elected that old since 1980 when Ronald Reagan won the presidency at the age of 69. In all reality, though, how is a frail old man supposed to go through the vigors of our president? I do not want to put the poor guy through all that, that’s for sure. I also don’t think his avid supporters do, either. All those #FeeltheBern campaigns aren’t translating at the polls. I think it may just become strictly an Instagram thing, because the nomination for the democratic party looks like it will be going to none other than Hillary Clinton herself.

And the sad truth on the Republican side is Donald Trump becoming the nominee. I cannot say I have mixed feelings on this, because I am only feeling one: fear. No, maybe sheer terror. And maybe, no definitely a lot of hate. And no, it’s not because I work at a Mexican restaurant that I hate him. Even though the Mexicans are some of the nicest people I have ever met, and that we have all become somewhat of a family. It’s not even that when asked about the idea of Trump becoming president, a teacher I highly respect responded with a remark that he will launch us into World War III. (And said teacher was not joking at the time.) No, these two reasons, though great reasons, are not why I am most hateful of Trump. The only thing greater than hate is fear, and I do fear for the wellbeing of the country. Not only that, but I fear that kids will grow up idolizing Donald Trump. The coming generations will become Mini Trumps. Minus the hair, hopefully.

We have to have good leaders for our people to look up to. I know I don’t and will never trust someone such as Donald Trump. We’re taking this 2016 election and making it into another reality show that’s fun to watch and see the damage, but the only one’s damaged will be us when it’s all over. I don’t want to be like this, but World War III could happen. We just all think we’re so untouchable that it could never.