In Which I Have To Critique One Of My Intellectual Heroes: Or, Why Cal Newport Is Wrong
Sam Spurlin

Sam — thanks for the article. I too am a fan of Cal.

Isn’t the really take away from this that we are moving through a period of such intense and fundamental change in the way we work, how work happens and the processes surrounding work that, simply, there is NOTHING that is sacred or universally “right”.

There is no “one model” that suffices for all companies. I would posit that there still are companies out there where that Pullman model makes sense — maybe not in all aspects of their business — but certainly in parts.

I go back to this image of the 1896 Olympics.

We are all on the starting line. None of us have “the best practices” figured out in terms of how to start, so we are all just doing what feels right. And in the end, the race will be decided.