“I read all of your writings in medium. That was all emotional and its very very deep… I swear. But it kinda bothers me that you wrote that amazing pieces for a person like that. You have to know the truth.”

Disgust is a really primal emotion. Disgust is an instinctive emotion and it’s basically a shortcut to express when you don’t like something. It’s not something resulting from a higher cognitive processing.

But now, the feeling of disgust is all over me.

Yesterday I found out that I was betrayed, along with undeniable proof.

It’s disgusting to know that I did defend this person all the time when everyone said that she’s cheating. Disgusting to know that I did respect her, and I did sympathize with her because she’s losing precious friends, I even talk to someone to manage her new band.

I trusted her.

But this is how it goes: I was betrayed in all of that time.

How could I be so blind…?

Well there is a special place in hell for people who romanticize their disgusting new relationship out of people’s misery like they’re so proud out of it. They even made songs about it, duh.

There is also a special hell for cheaters and pathetic liars who play victim in social media like they’re making a narrative in their head about themselves being a victim so that they can forgive themselves while all they do in the past relationship was sucking the good in all of their former partner.

I was in a hell hole, a deep dark depression in one month because of this shit person, I can’t believe it. Scrolling through my medium I feel disgusted because I wrote a very beautiful pieces out of my feelings for her. I can’t believe that I did that. What was I thinking?

I was disgusted to the point that I didn’t even want to be acknowledged as her ex lover.

You’re nothing before I came to your life, and you can’t even keep your pants shut, you don’t know what trust means, and you don’t know what is gratitude, and you will never know what is trust and gratitude.

You’re a disgusting cheating prick, and you’re the most disgusting person I ever encounter in life.

I hope you will learn the lesson in a very hard way.

At least I know that I’m a good person thinking that I ever did talk to good people about ‘helping’ this person. But oh well, a lot of people can’t really give her their blessing, she’s not worth it, they said.

Let me paint this picture for you, baby…

You spend your nights alone, and he never comes home, and every time you call him all you get’s a busy tone. I heard you found out that he’s doing to you, what you did to me. Ain't that the way it goes?

What goes around comes back around.