The World is Big

Can I ask you a question?
Of course.
The first time I went into a house like this in Bombay… they had no beds, but they had a television as big as this. I mean, how can a TV be more important than a bed?
Ah… That’s simple. The bed keeps you in a slum. The flat screen takes you out.
Capheus Van Damme

Yesterday, I discussed Sense8 with a very dear friend. She said that there’s one scene in episode 12 where Will (the basic straight guy) is afraid to ride the car when it could crash a helicopter, Wolfgang (the cool bad guy) came and take over the driving, which makes Will felt that “he could do it”.

Later she thinks that the Sense8 concept where we could access different people in the different culture is the same concept of the act of praying. It’s like recalling a trait that is not familiar to you but you actually can do it.

It’s like when Capheus praying for help, Sun Bak will appear out of nowhere to give the street fighting skill. But the fact is, it’s always Capheus who did it.

When we pray, we always had this conception that praying is asking something from up above, as if praying is a one-way street. This is a very common misconception, because the fact is, when you pray, you are accessing your own unconsciousness.

Praying is an open access of the collective unconsciousness.

Sense8 reminds me that the world is big. The world inside you is connected to the world outside of you. You have to expand your vocabulary, therefore your inner world and physical world keeps expanding. It’s a metaphor of collective unconscious and telepathy. How I love the Wachowskis.

Someday I’ll be Lana.

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