I’ve thought about you

A lot

You are a disease.

I’ve woken up from a slumber

Thinking about you,

Wondering why I let you in.

I’ve thought about you in my dreams,

Just as my eyes were shutting,

The darkness behind seemed a lure rather than agony,

You snuck there,

Holding your place,


A parasite

That refuses to budge.

These days I wonder if my mind can think of anything else,

This must be what it should feel like to go a little crazy,

It must be,

You — the variables of you,

They keep playing peek a boo,

Everytime I think I am done,

Finally, permanently,

You sneak up

Doing my head in.

So I ask you — anxiety,

When the fuck will you leave me alone,

This overthinking

Is killing my time and letting me do not much else.

#anxiety #socialanxiety #love