Free Tuition?

One of the biggest and most controversial issues the past few years has been the idea of free education at public universities. Many countries have a system in place where tuition is fairly reduced or does not exist. (Other fees like a registration may apply but no actual tuition cost). Brazil, Germany, Finland, France, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden all implement this. A common topic in this year’s election in the United States has been college tuition and pricing. Two-thirds of American college students graduate with college debt, and that debt now tops $1.2 trillion.” Also the fact that a college degree’s value has gone down in today’s day and age. It’s basically an obligation at this point for a student to get a college degree to make a great income. Sure there have been plenty of examples of people who didn’t go to college and are extremely successful but there are even more who didn’t go to college and right now have nothing. College is something that every student wants to go to so they can get a degree and hopefully lead to a good job. The demand for a degree is higher than its ever been and when the demand is high the price will go up. More than two-thirds of college students graduate with debt to pay for tuitions and these loans are stuck with them for a long time. Even after working hard for 4 years or more for a degree that price tag sticks for plenty of years. In my opinion, public education for universities should be fairly reduced. Not to mention the cost of living on campus which is outrageous. These aren’t exactly 5-star hotel rooms we live in, their college dorms! Why is my SHARED dorm room cost more than my tuition? Overall I like the proposal Bernie Sanders has set up if he were to win president which outlines his plans for free tuition. This topic has come up plenty of times in debates and campaigns and only time and our future president will show us what the outcome is.

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