How Important is Apperance?

Cologne, Hairgel, Showering, and body wash, clothing, gym, diet. All these examples listed were factors that influence someone’s appearance, the way they present themselves. How much of an influence does appearance even have? Well, in my opinion, a lot. Now don’t get me wrong, personality and who you are on the inside is much more important than the outside. However the way you present yourself is important as well. Now think about it, before someone talks to you or gets to know you the first impression they get of you is by the way you look. It’s usually always important to give off a good first impression in any circumstance. For a job interview, you wouldn’t show up in sweatpants and a Nike sweatshirt would you? The sweatpants or the shirt and tie don’t change who you are on the inside but you would want to wear the suit and tie to the interview because it’s much more presentable and gives you a better appearance for that circumstance. Have you ever heard of the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”? That is how I factor appearance, the thousand words that get said about you without you even knowing. The way you dress and present yourself can say so much about you and make people want to approach you more or less. I’m not saying to look like a model every time you go out but all I’m saying is that how you look can play a much bigger role in how people view you than you’d think.

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