Reasons for Applying to Holberton

The reasons I want to become a software engineer boil down to two main reasons: First of which is that I want advancement in my professional career and second of which is that I want to be a part of the main driving force of the changes happening in the society.

To further expand on the aforementioned reasons, one of my life’s dream is to create a stable foothold here in California where I have dreamed of living in since I was a child listening to Hotel California without even understanding the lyrics, and then to raise a happy family of my own someday. I quickly learned from working an year and a half in a vendor position that this is just not within my reach in this situation. California’s rent and prices are driven by six-figure salary standards which I simply do not see reaching within a reasonable amount of time in a vendor system. Witnessing the living standards of my high school friends who smartly pursued CS majors in their schools added to my understanding that software engineering was the asset that I dearly needed. Call this a materialistic reason, but nevertheless this need is quite very real for me and the drive as well. So arises my first reason: I desire advancement in my professional career so that I can get closer to the ideal vision of my life with my future family.

Moving on to my second reason, which is to be a part of the driving force of change in this society, it is hard not to notice the rapid pace of change in the society; I can actually feel the so-called 4th industrial revolution slowly but surely building up. Even in my current vendor position, I am currently helping to test the voice recognition software for Google’s home devices; even if I am not satisfied with my position, I am very fascinated with the devices I work with and their more-than-real application to our every day lives. At the same time, such industries my generation thought were the future is actually unfolding at this very moment, such as VR, AR, smart cars, drones, intelligent artificial limbs etc. This cannot possibly not be exciting to become a part of. I feel that humanity as a whole is on the brink of a new era, and to be able to use this new era’s languages and to be able to have a deeper connection to them are very exciting prospects in pursuing education in this field.

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