Cookies — Story 3 : “Jinx”

“It’s like a jinx.” She said as she barely held her tears.

“Ever since we got together, your life has gone downhill. You lost your friends, the business isn’t going good and — ” she paused to look at him in the eye. “and.. we’re not happy. Maybe I’m just bad luck for you.”

There was no response from him. He kept staring at the wallpaper behind her. It wasn’t a particularly nice wallpaper. In fact, the edges which were supposed to be glued to the wall were sticking out, like the rest of the walls in that old coffee place. They have been coming to this coffee place for past 2 years. They order the same drink every time, a hot chocolate for her and a black coffee with two cigarettes for him.

For the past two years, his life was going on a rough patch. From getting kicked out of his own house, to losing control of his own business, to losing his best friend and destroying his health on the way, there were one bad incidents after another. They were happy in love but his unfortunate mishaps continued to overshadow their happiness.

She, however, didn’t think of them as series of bad lucks rather a part of life’s journey until her friend mentioned it to her during their “sleepover” and like a seed, the idea grew and took a life of it’s own. Now, she blames it on herself. Why wouldn’t she, as far as she knew, his life before her was incredible. He was on the road to success.

She quietly sipped her hot chocolate through pursed lips. Gathering all the courage she had she slowly took away her palm from his and said “I haven’t seen you smile in months. I haven’t seen you happy since forever. It is better for you — and me, if we just end this. I don’t want to carry this feeling that I’m somehow responsible for all your failures and bad luck… and I’m sure you want to find happiness.”

He didn’t say a word but only he knew she wasn’t remotely responsible for all that was happening in his life, in fact, she was the one keeping his life from completely falling apart.

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