I do it because I can

Last night I read about a Saudi man who was publicly lashed and imprisoned for opening up an online discussion forum. There wasn’t much back story to it besides the authority calling it “ an insult to Islam”. That kept me up for a while. I thought about how much freedom we, Nepalis, really have. Besides the social norms, do’s and don’ts, we have it pretty easy over here.

Each person can exercise their freedom to do, well, whatever the hell they want. Most of the limitations we have are all inside our head. No one is going to come and shove their religious belief down your throat. Even if they do, you can just walk away without any consequences. No one is going to execute you for opening up an online forum. No one is going to stop you for starting an apparel store after you have graduated in Computer Engineering. No one is going to stop you for driving recklessly in the middle of the street as long as you have a license and no-DUI. Heck, no one is going to stop you even if you want to call a nation-wide strike because your chicken, that you were going to kill anyway, dies on the street.

Think about it, we really do have it quite easy here. You can hold your seven-day “pooja” by invading public space and then broadcast your “bhajan” on loud speakers 24/7 for the whole town to hear. The very next week, you can shout at your neighbours for playing music at the night and no one will question your moral values.

Sure there’ll be grumpy faces, back-talks and criticism. And sure there are consequences for this level of freedom, like not having constitution for 7 whole years.. but hey we have to compromise on something right? If you think about it, they too are exercising their freedom.

Rest of the barriers you see, between you and stupid things you could be doing right now, are all inside your head.

People complain about too much about the lack of opportunities here in Nepal but they fail to see the freedom we have compared to the rest of the world. I’ve know from my personal experience (so far) that in Nepal, you can be what you want to. No kidding. You can even choose to just sit and talk about life (Babaji) or talk about others (Politicians). Either way it’s all possible.

So if you want, go burn vehicles and call strike or just sit at the middle of the road and bask in the sun. By all means, do so. And if any one tries to question your choice, reply with “I do it because I can”.

All in all, Enjoy the show. And, while you’re at it go download a whole bunch of movies and series on torrent for free because no one’s going to so much as point a finger at you here.

– A cynic

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