The Battle of the Best (Social Media Wise That Is) Ohio State vs. Clemson

Obviously, there has be a rivalry between these two top-tier schools. What most people don’t realize, though, is how much they are competing off the field, specifically in their social media departments.

Recruitment is the biggest factor that the new and young social media employees at Ohio State take into consideration when making their content. While it might not seem like it would be hard to get recruiters to come to Ohio, they have spent a great deal of money ramping up their resources for creative content. And their reason? Clemson. Each team is trying to make their recruitment department look the best in the world. They want the recruits to want the experience they are showing through their social media content.

Clemson’s creative team is so ahead of everyone else, that potential players actually come to the school based on how good the content they post is. Clemson, and now Ohio, don’t focus on sending out posts to engage fans; they’re all about impressing recruits. The two have topped the charts for the best Twitter feed in the past couple years with Ohio leading this year.

A big part of this is because of their newest Director of New and Creative Media, Zach Shwartz and his team of young talent. Shwartz, 28, is joined by Sam Silvermam, 26, and Kenton Stufflebeam-Hessler, 19, in his graphic department. Such young people are necessary to keep the program on top and new at all times. Who else knows young people better than themselves. These two people are key components in what keeps Ohio’s social media close to the top.

Clemson is not far behind with its $167,000 social media department. These two schools are, and will, be on top for some time when it comes to media content. They recognize the important power social media has over the newest generations, and know that if it looks good, people will want to be a part of it.