This book has been written to provide a simple and
self-contained description of the working and
underlying principles of the aero gas turbine engine.
The use of complex formulae and the language of
the specialist have been avoided to allow for a clear
and concise presentation of the essential facts. Only
such description and formulae, therefore, as are
necessary to the understanding of the function and
the theory of the engine are included.
It will be noted that the emphasis in this book is on
the turbo-jet engine and that no special part deals
with the propeller-turbine engine. This is because the
working principles of both engine types are
essentially the same. However where differences in
function or application do exist, these are described.
The aero gas turbine is being continually developed
to provide improved performance for each new
generation of aircraft; the fourth edition of this book
has been revised and expanded to include the latest
aero gas engine technology.

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