Secret of building meaningful relations with anyone

Being interesting is a talent and being interested is a skill that is learnt ability. Talent is entirely based on our environment,our background. So the secret of success is how you use your talent and skill wisely. Work on your skills and be interested and this magical trick is definitely gonna work in your professional life and personal life too. let me give you the description about this secret of making relations with almost anyone.

Nothing is interesting if you are not interested. An interested person is an interesting one.

We are living In a world where everyone wants to talk about themselves and it feels like there are more mouths than ears. we are just hearing to some voices and our mind is busy cooking up some other things. As they say sound enters through one year and out through’s easy to talk about your work, your challenges, your success but to be socialized, to be connected with others it is important to genuinely listen to them. If you are not interested in them then they are not interested in you.

In his most famous book ‘How to win friends and influence people’ Dale Carnegie said

The desire to be important is the deepest urge in human nature. Always make other person feel important.
“ You can make more friends in just two months just by interested in them than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”

To develop this skill I have been assigned with this amazing and mysterious “The interested challenge” . As i was really busy in my daily routine and had no idea about what other people are doing these days. I spent 24 hrs on this challenge I asked my friends and family about themselves. and I came up with really surprising results. Now i feel more connected with my people. Here are the results that I concluded:

  1. It helps you to get socialize.
  2. Listening to someone’s problems increases their interest in you.
  3. It helps to make your conversations more engaging because you are properly listening to their views.
  4. People love to talk about their special one and people love themselves so when you listen to their stories they will surely love your company.
  5. This trick will work greatly during your interview when you show your interest in company rather than just relying on your resume and bragging about your talent.

If you are a social bird and love to make new friends and surrounded by new people then this trick is definitely for you. So the next time if you are in a party, in a family function even in just a conversation with your friends try to listen what they say. Try to avoid using your phone while having conversation with someone because it shows you are less interested and questions about themselves.