If You are Struggling with Self-Hatred — This is for You

Why we might end up hating ourselves

Our soul, our inner self, our conscience- whatever you call it strives for perfection. In the eyes of other people, it is easy to pretend who we are not, to cover up our faults, our blemishes and our mistakes. But we are always naked to ourselves. Deep inside- we always remember exactly who we are, what we did, and what we are supposed to do.

The cycle of self-loathe

We may have parents, family or friends who might be extremely loving to us. Or we might have the job others dream about or a swoon-worthy relationship. From the outside, it may even seem like we are living in a perfect little world.

Seeking Forgiveness from Oneself

You have to remember that you are not your enemy. For your own self- you might be the only lifelong trusted companion.

Bless Yourself

The Possibilities of Future

I wish one thing, for you dear reader to remember, even if you forget everything else. That is — Don’t douse the Burning Stars. You possess limitless potential. You have the power to shape your future and define your reality. These unworthy things that have you stressed out with your own self are not deserving of your soul force.



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Sally Prosper

Sally Prosper

Creative Director and Graphics Desiger