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“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”

Hello Lovely readers,

We all need a change every now and then, few people need more often, like me ;) After chilling out for half of the day we thought to make a trip to some nearby place and the one which seemed doable was Bidar. Other places we cancelled were Gandikota and Hampi (6–7 hrs drive). Bidar is a historical city and fort at the northernmost part of Karnataka, border of Telangana. Sultan Alla-Ud-Din Bahman of the Bahmanid Dynasty shifted his capital from Gulbarga to Bidar in 1427 and built his fort. It is said that he built 30 Islamic monuments but those are in ruins now. …

“What I am looking for is not outside it is within me” Helen Keller

I know you would shell out big bucks to join a Gym but will think hundred times before joining a Yoga class. This post is about how you can start your Yoga practice today. We have a short lifetime and we make it shorter by having 100 things in our to do list, but we forget to put ourselves at the top. …

“The power of social media is it forces necessary change.” By Erik Qualman

Hello Readers,

Hope you all are rocking your day :) Today I have a different topic for you guys to ponder on, which is, jumping on the social media band wagon. Imagine yourself interacting with people million miles away, exchanging your ideas and views with thousands of like minded people, learning and enhancing your skills, getting appreciated for doing things you love and looking at the world from a whole new perspective. Isn’t this exciting, I am getting goose bumps just by thinking. …


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