Image used with kind permission from Superflux. Photoshoot by Giorgio Lazzaro.

This critique is to enquire into the implemented ideas of otherness, speculative realism, and enchantment in Superflux’s project Refuge for Resurgence (RfR) (Jain, 2021). RfR is on display at the Arsenale Corderie as part of the La Biennale Di Venezia 2021. This critique also questions the role of such artefacts…

Despite the pictured car being non-functional it still has car-ness—it holds on to the essences of a car-object. How? Through access to your intentional car-object, you unconsciously attribute car-ness to suitable car-like objects. Photo credit by Vicky Sim on Unsplash

This brief article is merely an attempt to draw on philosophic ideas of essence and apply these ideas to a designed product in-formation in the form of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) concept. I situate this hypothetical situation in a world where the ‘car’ object doesn’t yet exist, and while…

6 Speculative Design Job ads from 2050, where object-oriented philosophies have become a dominant cognitive tool for design research and practice.

In the year 2050, humanity has finally accepted and involved the rich vibrancy and agency from the entities that surround us, with their innate or intentional abilities to positively and negatively affect all the systems that surround them. There are a profusion of systems that societies rely on, that embody…

The Being of a Wooden Pterodactyl Skeleton

A Philosophy of Design thought experiment

I have a 3D puzzle of a Pterodactyl skeleton sitting on my desk. A child’s wooden toy. This object will be the subject of a thought experiment, as I consider it from an Object-Oriented Ontological and Animism philosophical hybrid view, as per Lindley, Akmal & Coulton (2019). This toy has…

Communicating design value and evaluation.
Assignment 3.1
— MDF Future Design Clients
Steven Santer : s3569799. June 2016.

This post considers the value of Trust and its impact on Design Provider and Client relationships. Trust is essential for successful collaborative working relationships. Trust is complex and dynamic. When considering trust as a design value there are a number of aspects that could be explored such as; the type of trust, levels of trust, formation and managing trust, reputation influence, impact of contracts on trust and deterrence-based trust, and many other facets.

What is trust?

Trust between parties has been broadly defined to have 2 main parts; a willingness to be vulnerable, and positive expectations of others [Rousseau et al.]. Being vulnerable is taking a risk of…

RMIT MDF — Future Clients, Assignment 2
Group: Lucy, Indi, Steve

The freelance designer

Through exploring the practice of a freelance designer, this post aims to unpack just a few of the techniques used to propose, facilitate and evaluate (PFE) design practice. …

What the hell does this mean? I started contemplating this question: To be a Design Generalist or Specialist?

I’ve seen this type of post surface a number of times recently in the digital agency / design industry.

I’ve been freelancing for a few years now, and with the need to…

RMIT MDF, Future Design Clients—Learning Activity 3

Design Synthesis is an ABDUCTIVE* sensemaking process of manipulating, organising, pruning, and filtering data in an effort to produce information and knowledge.

What’s your experience of Design Synthesis?

Design Synthesis has certainly never been a formalised process for me. While there’s been concepts of procedures, and a few methods for generating a variety of design concepts, much of the process was internalised and perhaps even habitual in the way I…

Not always what it seems. The Contemporary Designer needs to dig deeper than the brief.

RMIT MDF — Future Design Clients, Assessment 1

This is a brief compare and contrast post. Comparing my current Design Services, with another type of Professional Service.

I’m going to consider a slightly different interpretation of ‘professional’. Like the 1981 French movie ‘Le Professionnel’[1]. Which is about a French Secret…

Steve Santer

Exploring through the process of writing, philosophy, speculative fiction & design futures domains and themes.

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