Answering Questions Reflections

At one point in the interview I asked the subject “what is something you’re sure of”. He answered, “myself”, stating that he is confident in himself, and his ability to do anything he sets his mind to. However, his confidence was actually something I noticed from the start of the interview. I opened with a difficult question, “if religion is about morals, values, and peace, why does it create war?”. He was probably expecting me to ask his name and major, yet still he was able to articulate his thoughts in a way that was genuine; I immediatly felt comfortable. He replied that people interpret religion differently. For the most part we all share the same values, but people see things differently and exercise their religion differently, he shared. His response told me that he believes people are inherently good — something only a person could believe if they themself are good. I continued to ask if he felt connected to “whoever is in charge here”. He shared that he does, not necessaraly to the President of the university, but on a more personal level, “we are all here under the same four pillars”, he said. As the conversation progressed and the questions became more personal, there was a shared sense of comradery. By the time we flipped positions and he was interviewing me, I felt way more comfortable than I typically would be answering a strangers questions. The interview didn’t feel like it was syllabus week and I was answering surface level questions as a formality, but rather, I was gaining insight to a classmate that I otherwise wouldn’t have known.