I read this book off and on for a little while, but each time I came back, it held a new surprise for me to imagine. I would rate this a 5 star book.

Letters To Z who I am not sure whom actually wrote it was an amazing book. The novel made me laugh, cry, and fall in love. The author knew what they were doing.

This is quite differently written, which I like different. There are 2 point of view’s, one from the main character named Josie Casella, and her past with her now dead friend, Kayla Weston. At first I thought it was odd and rather depressing, but quickly learned that it was important for the adventure of these characters. Josie and Kayla only really had each other, way from the beginning. They went through a lot and were best of friends and alas Kayla didn’t tell any one what she was really feeling or what was really happening. Kayla dies by suicide. It was up to Josie to learn that there is more then just one person to be with and how to love and deal with grief. She has so much waiting for her in the letters written to her from her passed friend to find out.

This story has it’s own amazing emotions, way’s of explaining itself, and more importantly, love. It leaves you wanting more and needing to find out what happens or you will leave it on a cliff hanger every time. I will never forget this book and what I felt. I am excited to read more books like this one.