Achieve Your Goals More Easily With Jerry Seinfeld’s Red X System

Sometimes, the simplest methods are the best.

Sylvain Saurel
Nov 18, 2019 · 4 min read

Have you ever had the feeling that you were having trouble being consistent over time in pursuing your most ambitious goals?

Indeed, if it is more or less easy to draw up a list of your more or less long-term goals, it is much more difficult to remain constant in your daily efforts to achieve these goals.

I myself am often confronted with this problem. In order to solve it as effectively as possible, I tested different methods that were more or less complex to implement. By dint of searching, I finally found an ultra simple but proven method.

It seems that the simplest methods are ultimately the best!

Jerry Seinfeld Comes To Your Rescue

Do you know Jerry Seinfeld? I am convinced of this because his sitcom Seinfeld has been a resounding success in the U.S. and around the world for nearly 10 years. Jerry Seinfeld is a great comedian, but today I’m going to talk to you about an advice he gave to Brad Isaac in a completely different area: achieving his goals.

Brad Isaac was a much less well-known actor who met Jerry Seinfeld in a comedy club. A fan of the latter’s work, he then asked him for advice on how to succeed in the world of comedy.

Jerry Seinfeld told Brad Isaac that to become a better actor and to last in the business, he had to learn to write excellent jokes.

The best way to achieve excellence in this field was to practice every day.

In order to remain consistent in this daily practice, Jerry Seinfeld detailed his method called “Red X System” to Brad Isaac.

The Red X System Is A 3-Step Method

Jerry Seinfeld’s Rex X System consists of 3 extremely simple steps as you will see for yourself:

  1. Have a paper calendar that you can hang on the wall.

As the days go by, the calendar will be filled with large red crosses. They will act as a reminder that your efforts have been constant for many days now.

The day you don’t have enough motivation to do this famous daily task, all you have to do is look at the calendar. You will then understand that if you don’t practice one day, you will break the chain of red crosses!

No one wants to break a chain.

So, you will certainly force yourself to continue your practice so as not to break the chain you initiated several days (or months) ago.

Break Down Your Goals Into Smaller Tasks

In order to implement Jerry Seinfeld’s Red X System to achieve your ambitious goals, I advise you to break them down into smaller, less complex tasks that can be done every day.

Each time you perform a task related to your goals on a daily basis, you can make a red cross on the calendar.

Each red cross will be there to remind you that you are constantly working towards your goals. The more red crosses you have in the calendar, the more motivated you will be able to stay.

Indeed, you will not take the risk of breaking the chain of red crosses when you have never been so close to achieving your goals! By doing so, you will make the necessary efforts every day to achieve your goals and all this will seem much easier to you.

All this is because it is easier to stay motivated by feeling a little bit forward every day rather than having only a distant goal in mind.


Jerry Seinfeld’s Red X System is an extremely simple method to implement and apply. However, it is incredibly effective because it plays on an essential aspect of human psychology:

No one likes to break a chain.

By taking advantage of this psychological element, you will be able to rely on the Red X System to help you achieve your goals more easily. To do this, simply break them down into smaller tasks that you will try to accomplish every day. Thus, you will keep in mind that you are working every day on achieving your goals and the more red crosses you fill the calendar, the closer you will feel to achieving your goals.

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