React Native.

I used a lot of them. I tried to create simple apps with Cordova/Phonegap. I really wanted to learn Objective-C. But for me, as a Python developer, i really hated it. Let’s not speak of the struggle to setup a real android development environment. All kind of (not so great) experiences.

In the last months i found something new, something i was not excepting. While i was starting to learn react.js for frontend development, i had the chance to get to know more about React Native. I was really skeptical. Yet i could convince myself to try it. It was love on the first sight. It’s so great that it just works, the performance is awesome and for most apps you won’t see any difference in terms of user experience.

For me, something has changed with React Native. Suddenly i want to develop more apps and that’s awesome for one specific reason: More and more traffic will go to mobile apps and mobile sites. And i can create both of them with the help of react.js. I can even use the same modules and components.

As a web-developer, there is no reason not to use it to create great apps. To be fair, there are things, that are not that great. Sometimes the core of React-Native gets breaking changes and suddenly your cool libraries to system functions won’t work anymore. This can be absolutely frustrating.

And i know there are some people out there, who will complain about my love with React Native, especially iOS- & Android-Developers. However, i hope they will understand, that i don’t want to replace them and their work and i know that RN is not the swiss army knife to app development.

For me it’s just important, that i am able to use my web-dev skills to create pretty and reliable apps.

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