Use Google Drive like a Mac App

Google Drive with a nice icon in your mac os dock

In this article i want to show you how you can use all GDrive features without opening your browser and have it attached to your Mac OS Dock as an app.

Google Drive with all its apps is really powerful tool. It gives you performance with some cool features to store your data. You can share your data with your desktop device and have them offline.

But most of the possibilities are hidden in the browser web app. And it is so powerful and i am using it so often that i wanted to use it as an own desktop app. There are a two possible ways to solve this:

  1. Use Fluid. It’s very easy to use, but you can’t configure it that easy. In my case (as a developer by heart) i want to configure everything.
  2. Do it with nativefier. It’s a really easy to use command line tool.

To install nativefier, you have to install node at first. You can do it with the graphical installer or via brew. After you have installed node, you can now setup nativefier with the following command in your terminal:

(-g means that you install the package on your system to execute it as an app globally)

Now you have done all your requirements and can setup your GDrive-App with the following line in your terminal:

I use “/recent” in the url, because ilike to open my Google Drive in the recent used files window. Nativefier will add the correct icon by itself and it you can start it like an normal app.