Amongst all of the ideas, theories, philosophers and sociologists that have greatly impacted and influenced the world around us, the philosopher with the most impact was undoubtedly August Comte and his idea of positivism.

Positivism simply states that every rationally justifiable assertion can be scientifically verified or is capable of logical or mathematical proof, and therefore rejects metaphysics and theism (Google, 2016, Pg 1). In other words, Comte was the first to say that social interactions can be explained with logic and reason rather than by religion or an unknown force. He explained that, just like in natural sciences, social sciences had certain rules that they had to abide by.

The biggest reason that I believe that Comte had the most impact of all of the philosophers was because he was the inventor of sociology. He invented and is the reason behind why we are even creating these blog posts right now. Without him we may not be enrolled in this class! Not only did he invent sociology, but his ideas and propositions greatly impacted psychology, economics, political science and practically every other social science that has come to light since.

Comte used positivism and discovered that the scientific method was not only applicable to the natural sciences, but also to human behavior. Although he never personally did any experiments or practiced his idea of positivism, he paved the way for other sociologists to use the concept and find new information that would greatly impact how we see the world.

Comte brought to light that although distinctly different than natural sciences, social sciences could still be explained by distinct rules. In his theories he found a way to explain human behavior with logic and reason rather than with metaphysics and theism, paving the way for how we see sociology today.