Based off of the three different societies in Openstax, I believe I would like to stay in the society we have now. The preindustrial included men hunting and gathering while women stayed at home and did the cooking and cleaning, while the feudal included a hierarchy, with the majority of women as slaves. I don’t believe that, as a woman, I would want to be a stay at home mom or a slave.

I would live in the current society based off of a lot of things. Modern medicine, women’s rights, more access to resources, modern technology such as cell phones and television. But the biggest reason I would stay in the current society in opportunity. As a female, in the older times women were made to do as they were told, with little to no freedom. In this day and age, women have a choice. Want to be a stay at home mom? Great! Want to be a doctor? Awesome! In this day your future isn’t predetermined, and that is the biggest reason why I would want to stay in this current society.

The biggest type of alienation that I have experienced is alienation from the process of one’s labor. Openstax described this as, “A worker does not control the conditions of her job because she does not own the means of production” (Openstax pg 88). I have a job where I simply put signs up and take them down. I do that every Sunday, not knowing how or why the decision for the products price was made. I do it without knowing exactly what every tool does. But I am set to an exact process. Scan the sign you take down. Scan the signs you put up. Scan the signs you do not need. Finally, print any sign that you may have missed then scan those too. The job does not allow for change nor creativity.

One achieved status I have earned is “first generation student.” They describe achieved status as a status “obtained by choice, such as a high school dropout, self-made millionaire, or nurse” (Openstax pg 86). I achieved the status of first generation student by myself when I decided on putting the weight of getting into and paying for college into my own hands. Some ascribed status’ that I have are female, daughter, sister. These are all roles that I did not have a choice in but was born into.