Utopia? My ideal world of education

In my ideal world education is organised by the people and not by the government. In my ideal world the government facilitates all people to follow the education the want and need. In my ideal world education is innovative and motivates people to learn whenever the want, just in time. In my ideal world the most important part of education is to develop people as responsible people who know what they want and need and know how to get it. In my ideal world education offers people education at a high level, it encourages people to get the best out of them. Quality is not about high performances but quality is about people. Companies may be involved in education, but they cannot be part of the funding system. Schools must keep their independency. Educations’ aim is to educate people for global jobs not only for jobs in their own area. The padlet wall this week is full with articles about education in the different countries, but they have one thing in comman. The involvement of the government and the question if this involvement is good or not. Nobody really answers this question and neither can I. We (educators) need money to educate and the government provides us with just enough money to do the job.

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