Shop Drawing Services That Are Used In Construction Industry

There are many types of Shop Drawings, let us see the famous shop drawings below:

  • Mechanical shop drawings
  • MEP shop drawings
  • Structural shop drawings
  • BIM shop drawings

Structural shop drawings are prepared for different types of steel structures and structural members like joist, trusses, column, screw, beam, etc.

Architectural millwork shop drawings are created for different types of millworks such as doors, windows, chairs, tables, etc.

BIM shop drawings are created for different types of construction components like BIM Structural components, Architectural components and MEP components.

Mechanical shop drawings are made for various mechanical tools, products, equipment and machines.

What are MEP Shop Drawings?

MEP Shop drawing is one of the main areas of expertise. MEP has a team of very talented and qualified Engineers & Drafters who help MEP contractors in coordinating the shops.

MEP Shop Drawing Services:

A combined 3-D rendering services of Construction project by including or combining all Architectural Structural and Trade shops drawings is known as Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing (MEP)

MEP also includes Duct Work Layout drawings that help the engineers for better fabrication, creativity & installation and other requirements related to Construction.

There are certain benefits of MEP as well, as it brings improvement in building quality and productivity through off-site fabrication & enhanced plans. They have such efficient coordinated drawings that have the capability to identify potential problems before Trade’s FABRICATION and installation on the site.

SSC or Steel Structural Consultant is an outsourcing company that offers well-defined Architectural Engineering Services. They follow well-defined standards and codes for meeting specific requirements. Being a Leading Consultant, Highly Qualified & Professional people are their True Assets.

They provide to people True and Thorough Consultation for CAD Drafting, MEP Shop Drawing Services, Interior Designing Services and Other in the Industry. Moreover, SSC (STEEL STRUCTURAL CONSULTANT) always strive at providing you with the most special benefits & advantages out of What You have invested. Steel Structural Consultant offers many quality services that include:

  1. Structural Drafting
  2. Civil Engineering
  3. MEP Shop Drawing
  4. Mechanical Engineering
  5. Piping Engineering
  6. Paper to CAD Conversion
  7. Basic Engineering
  8. Structural Detailing
  9. Detail Engineering
  10. Steel Shop Drawings
  11. Structural 3D Modeling
  12. Rebar Detailing
  13. HVAC Show Drawing
  14. Architectural Design
  15. Architectural Drafting
  16. CAD Drafting
  17. Rebar Shop Drawings
  18. Interior Designing
  19. Shop Drawings


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