How to Write About Characters Who Are Smarter Than You
Graham Moore

Ssev Dor ·

I would like to get the following message to Graham Moore. Can anyone help me get my message to him?

Dear Graham:

Someone told me that in writing this movie you were influenced by what you learned that added to your secular studies at college. I was told you had intimate conversations with those with whom you made contact throughout his life, including the contact you had “with a few special humans.” Could you tell me who these humans were and what made them special to you and what they shared with you that influenced you in your writing of this screenplay?

How did they influence the plot of the movie and the storyline? How did they relate to “Christopher,” to why the name “Christopher” was created, what “Christopher” could do, and how and why “Christopher” was treated and eventually accepted by the story’s characters? How did they relate to the quote, “Some advice about keeping secrets: It’s a lot easier if you don’t know them in the first place”?

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