Big Cable Owns Internet Access. Here’s How to Change That.
Susan Crawford

Excellent! In our little part of Ohio, we have two choices for internet service: Comcast or AT&T DSL. Of course, everyone picks Comcast, as DSL is really shorthand for DISMAL. Comcast has a total monopoly on areas like ours, and it’s expensive. I’m a freelance writer, and must have high-speed Internet for my job. I also need cable television for the cable news networks, and I went ahead and let them leave the phone service on the account, because the package is actually $10 cheaper a month with telephone than without. It costs me the better part of $200 a month for these services, and I watch far more streaming options, like Netflix and Hulu, than I do regular television. It should not cost more for television and Internet than it does to heat my house! I hope something happens soon.

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