Is Content marketing a myth or a way of zero dollar marketing?

Content is the king — this one sentence by Bill Gates in 1996, now has become a tagline in online markets. But over time it looks like content marketing is now just a myth.

Since the boom of online business, shopping, and digital marketing, the content has been the center of communication for B2C markets.

As more and more people are connecting online the competition for brands is also increasing.

From small E-commerce operators, small businesses to big corporation digital marketing have become an essential part of their marketing strategy.

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Is content marketing a myth?

What is this content marketing?

Content marketing is a type of online marketing in which brands use different kinds of content like — written, graphics, video, audio, etc. on the internet for promotion and selling a product.

Since it is a free type of marketing (which it is not actually) it takes time to show the expected results but only content marketing cannot do anything no matter how much time it will take.

Why? Because this is the time of competition and only publishing content is not as effective today as it was a few years back.

Why we even do marketing?

Simple answer — to sell something. Other reasons are — for branding, having fans/viewers, conveying a message but mostly end reasons are always selling something or earning. Right?

Remember here we are talking about companies and brands.

One thing is sure that you have to invest or spend some money to get profit and grow your business or brand.

Okay, can’t we just use zero dollar marketing?

Zero dollar marketing is not applicable at the beginning of your company. When you are already popular or you have loyal long term customers or fans, it might work for you.

When brands think of growing their business with zero dollar marketing, then Content Marketing is a root they can turn to. Infect it is also a part of zero dollar marketing.

Even if it’s a blog trying to earn money, affiliate marketers, e-commerce, Drop-shipping, having a no larger audience (because they are not INFLUENCERS), content marketing can be a myth for them.

If you think you will just start a blog, post articles every day, create a YouTube channel, or by sharing affiliate links to just friends you will make money instantly (because it is zero dollar marketing ) then you have to rethink.


There is nothing like zero dollar marketing because-

1. In this situation you are not even doing zero dollar marketing. The biggest investment is your TIME, researching, and obviously paying for the INTERNET PACK.

2. It’s not just content marketing, because you have to share those blogs, videos, and links to social media, doing SEO and all other this and that. Again you are investing — Time, Internet charges, and other physical equipment to create that CONTENT.

Your content marketing strategy is nothing if you won’t share it with the RIGHT PEOPLE.

Therefore to scale the business/brand you need MARKETING, to begin with.

So is content marketing a myth?

Content is the base for any kind of online business. We cannot expect a brand to go on-trend without having good content for the audience.

Content is definitely the best way to keep your audience connected with you. High-quality content is KEY to selling online.

However, when it comes to attracting new audiences, especially for a new brand does this inbound marketing really work?

First, we need to know the stages where content plays a role in branding or selling –

  1. Attracting the audience
    2. Engaging with that audience
    3. Converting that audience into customers.

In the last 2 stages, engaging and converting, the content has a crucial space. Engagement will come with a great piece of content.

Also, better communication or pursuing content is the key to convert the viewers into customers.

Although in the first stage, the brand or product needs to reach the target audience. The target audience is a specific set of people who are genuinely interested in your brand, company, or product.

And this is the most critical step. To attract that viewers as we discussed above zero dollar marketing won’t work.

The other option — content marketing. Again as we discussed just CREATING that content won’t benefit anything. Share it, but to definite potential customers.

For example, if you are sharing — “How to learn tables faster” with audiences who are “old age literature lovers”, it has no chance to go viral.

Content will not speak itself unless you serve it to the target market using other techniques than just posting content.

To attract the RIGHT audience you have to go with other forms of DIGITAL MARKETING like — Ads, SEO, SMM, etc.

Hence Content marketing can be a myth in today’s online competitive world.

Then where CONTENT MARKETING works?

New Bloggers or YouTubers, students playing around with affiliate marketing to earn pocket money, etc. are some areas where only content will speak for you.

You don’t need to stress with other types of marketing. Just focus on giving value to people. They will speak for you.

Hence your Inbound marketing will surely benefit you in the long run.

So this strategic marketing does work, in the long run, keeping the audience loyal and connected, but in terms of selling and attracting more people and to reach to the new market, content marketing is just a myth.

So what do you think about it? If you have any thoughts on it feel free to have a chat :

FREELANCER — Blogger, Content writer, Graphic Designer, Social Media Marketer, Digital Marketer, University Student of Economics

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