The Point(s) of Life

Sean Shadmand
Mar 21 · 2 min read

I. Life has two very distinct points: birth and death.

You cannot escape these points, and the path always runs in a single direction.

II. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

You cannot increase the distance between these two static points.

III. The path between these two points is entirely mailable

You cannot control the “points”, but you CAN control the path and increase the distance infinitely.

How much do you remember about that week you went in to work day-in and day-out performing similar duties over and over again? How many memories do you have from the week in Paris, where you saw new sites and interacted in broken French with the locals? Our minds are built to remember unique things and throw out the monotonous. It isn’t Paris that had an impact on your life story, it is the rarity of that experience that has made the difference.

Movie stars and athletes that may be living our dreams still fall into the same traps of malaise or asceticism as the rest of us. In the end, work is repetition. Repetition, no matter how glamorous, eventually normalizes your personal “line” back to the straight path between life and death; losing value, purpose, and memorable experiences.

Monotony is truly a waste of time. It requires the least amount of diversions (aka curvatures) on your path.

I think that’s why we all instinctively know that increasing our experiences, taking chances, and traveling “off the beaten path” is so very important to living life. Maybe because we inherently recognize it as the only way to “extend” one’s life. These “points of life” remind us not to take the obvious next obvious step in life. If you see a path laid out in front of you, question it. If you question your path all the time, then stop for a change. Search for question and not clarity, for a clear path is a short one with a very distinct conclusion.

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