Top 6 Benefits of Telenor SIM Card 

For an avid user of technology these days, the word SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) won’t ring many bells to be fair. But hey, life’s full of surprises, ain’t it? What if we say that a mere three letter word SIM holds the gateway to the much bigger platform, a platform that we often fail to gaze upon.

Willing to bat an eye on the stakes revolving around the SIM Card, are you? Well then, let’s start off our journey into the benefits of this tiny electronic card SIM offered by one of the premier telecommunication companies of India, Telenor in our piece ‘Top 6 Benefits of Telenor SIM Card’.

Let’s start our piece with a little intro on the Telenor, shall we?

Telenor India

For starters, Telenor formerly known as Uninor is an Indian telecommunication service provider wholly owned by the Telenor Group. It specializes in mobile telephony and wireless network. The group has its commercial operations spread out in six circles covering a population span of 600 million. The company boasts of 44 million customers at current.

Benefits of Telenor SIM Card

Here’s the thing you’ve been waiting for, the benefits of Telenor SIM Card.

1) Offers 3 in 1 SIM Card

First things first, you mustn’t be immune to the outrage smartphone has caused on the sizing patterns of the SIM Cards. There’s a new trend of Nano-SIM and Micro-Sim that’s been going on for a while. The thing with the trend is that the telecommunication companies doesn’t offer a host of benefits of this one. Telenor SIM cards take care of this prejudice by offering 3 in 1 SIM card that can be used as per the need arises, i.e. Nano, Micro and Standard.

2) Affordable Call Packages

If you ever happened to check the call packages on offer in the current telecommunication market, you’d be sure to find Telenor offering better-priced packages that its counterparts. That speaks of why the company features 44 million subscribers at current.

3) Wide Variety of Services

Telenor offers a host of features like Fun Call Services, Automatic Customer Service, Golden Mobile Number and Voice Services to go with the normal calling and data services. These services differentiate Telenor SIM cards from its counterparts who have been leveraging just on call and data services for long. There’s much to galore around with Telenor SIM Cards and you definitely wouldn’t want to miss the ride.

4) Successful commercial operation in 6 Circles

Telenor India has been hitting the ground running in 6 different circles at current. The company offers commercial operations on these six circles namely Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Bihar, and Jharkhand, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Goa, Uttar Pradesh (East) along with Uttar Pradesh (West) and Uttarakhand. The company offers full-fledged services in the ilk of mobile telecommunication and wireless internet in these regions. With the tag of the most efficient operator, you’re bound to be served with generous services if you happen to be a Telenor SIM holder.

5) Most Efficient Operator

Telenor India is part of one of the largest telecommunication conglomerate in the world, Telenor. With efficient serving in Scandinavian, Eastern Europe, and Asia, the company has shown a titular image of being one of the most efficient operators in the world of telecommunications. The company has already carved quite a name with its efficiency in the Indian telecom market.

6) Acts on its Tagline ‘Pay Less, Talk More’

Although we’ve covered about the affordable prepaid mobile recharge packages above in our list, we couldn’t care to miss the catchy tagline that Telenor offers around. The company branded itself on the tagline ‘Pay Less, Talk More’ and has been acting to achieve a coherent environment for the SIM users. If you are on the hunt for better services along with lesser financial burden, Telenor SIM cards are the answer you’ve been seeking all along.

So how was the ride for you? See there’s much to savor with Telenor SIM Cards! So when are you getting your piece, then?