Twitter Censoring Trump Supporters
Mike Keen

I recall reading about a court case involving the operators of a site which was similar to Twitter in one critical area, user generated content. The case had to do with the site-owner’s culpability in what was produced/posted on the site. Basically the court decided that once the site-operators manually edited user-generated content they lost their protection and became liable for all the site’s content (I’m sure there’s much more to it then that).

If that is the case, then maybe twitter’s owners could possibly be held responsible for all of its content?

I am with you in thinking this media shit is complete insanity. They are seriously driving us into a war of their creation and have so many fellow Americans completely brainwashed. Not sure what to do about it. As of now I’ve simply removed as much of the MSM from my life as possible but more needs to be done.

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