Protest in the US on President’s day

The president’s day is a federal holiday observed in the United States of America. The holiday is observed on third Monday of February in the honour of George Washington, the first US president. However, this year president’s day is not going to be delightful for the current president of the states. Wondering why? Because thousands of US citizens are planning a protest against Donald trump and his policies on this President’s day. According to media reports, people are already participating in anti- Trump rallies with “not my president” placards. More such rallies are expected to take place across the US on president’s day.

Protest on Street

In fact, you would be surprised to know that a Facebook event has been created in the name of “Not my President “. And 47000 including 12000 new Yorkers have shown their interest in the event. Be it Chicago or New York, the main purpose of all anti -Trump rallies remains the same. It is to protest against the immigration ban. Laura Hartman, Chicago rally coordinator said that “Focusing on just one issue, like immigration, would serve the administration’s purpose and further divide the country,”

People demanding to Donald Trump to stand down from president of US

The protest rallies are supported by the members of American federation of the government employees. In short, people are strictly against the hate policies and are expecting to be heard through such rallies. These rallies are the best way to let the establishment know that people are not in favour of its policies, a protestor said. Immigrants are an integral part of the United States of America. They settled in here after a lot of sacrifice and struggle. According to protestors, they cannot be blamed for all the problems the US has. Also, it is inhuman to not allow individuals facing wars in their country. Dressed in black, hundreds of protesters in New York City’s Washington Square attended a mock funeral for President’s Day

Well, MR President is definitely not having a good time on President’s day.

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