Facebook Is Not A Verb

Are there grammar rules for the language of social media? Yes, there are very clear rules — BuzzFeed says so.

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Did you know?

You should never say “I Facebooked you.” Instead, say “I posted to Facebook.” Facebook is not a verb.

Snapchat is a verb.

Snapchatted, snapchatting, and snapping are all ok.

Instagram is also a verb.

You can say “I Instagrammed you”, or “I’m Instagramming you.”

In case you’re interested, Tinder is a verb too.

Tindering and tindered are both correct.

Twitter and Vine are combination nouns and verbs.

The word tweet can be used interchangeably as a verb and a noun.

To tweet — Tweet, tweeted, tweeting. Never say “tweeted out.”

But don’t say “tweeter.” It’s preferable to say “Twitter user.”

Vine is a noun, but you can say Vine-ing. It’s preferable to say “post a Vine” or “use Vine.”

So go forth and be confident when you’re referring to any social media conversation — whether in conversation or in writing.

And maybe these friendly tips just might be worth “pinning.”


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