Seven Precious Books

Encountering your title, “Seven Precious Books,” I was ‘allured’ in a hope of seeing what those precious seven books would be? Would I know some of them or at least one or even two, since I, too, love books? And I’d even assume a possibility as such that by loving the same kind of books, people can share or understand something similar bents of humanity.

Instead, I learned a whole lot of some other things I did not expect from the title. Delightedly, I might add! It is very interesting to experience exactly what as some sages mentioned earlier that one’s perception reflects more his/her inner workings than the reality is. I spoke to myself that I should not assume first, but encounter new with open-mind, and know which that extends also to the root of all other societal & cultural ills coming from people’s preconceptions, which tend to be mostly nothing to do with the truth, but more to do with one’s ignorance and/or misperceptions — reflections of one’s own makeup or state.

Hence, I am not disappointed, but learned something unexpected, just as precious. Thanks, Rands!

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