Setting the record a little straighter regarding international trade in wild African grey parrots |…

GrrlScientist demonstrates in this article as she customarily does how erroneous info or claims, when found, especially that which are outlandish and too numerous, and though in appearance ‘authoritative’ as a result of having over-extrapolated should be pointed out and corrected for a simple reason being “…Setting The Record … Straighter…” The error did occur in a rather renowned, reputed, even for many ‘esteem’ the popular scientific journal, namely the National Geographic, a cultural, nature, and scientific journal of the US & the world.

For being a real and ‘pure’ scientist, GrrlScientist amply corroborates her ‘noticings’ of error in the article to show as to where, how, & what need to be corrected supplementing to her original knowledge the “Sources and Backgound References,” which were found only after putting a great deal of time & effort.

GrrlScientist shows hereby one pricelessly valuable fact as to why readers must not accept an article though bearing all the proper appearance of ‘authoritative’ in an even esteemed national journal in a face value alone. She verified as a scientist the factual info for us, readers, so that the general lay people should not be misinformed.

GrrlScientist, I as a reader learn so much from you, and cannot thank you enough for you are rare & one of the kind!

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