Three myths about equal pay — and how we can close the pay gap once and for all.
Hillary Clinton

I am glad that HC — former FLOTUS among many other important and influential national ‘Hats’ she’d worn — writes in the Medium about America needing to be an equitable place for equal pay for equal jobs for all persons especially women on the Equal Pay Day. She lays out whys and whats in no uncertain terms and not in more clearer way for the economic equity being the foundation for true equality of all persons.

I am encouraged to urge HC that she should write even more; more often, and through more various mediums, including giving more speeches, debates, media appearances such as Talkshows. This is one way to help dispel some unsuspected ignorance of substantial numbers of young Millennial Feminists who flock over to the Senator Bernie Sanders’ camp over that of HC’s during the current Democratic Primaries. Which unnerves me at times, though I know fully well that American electorates are smart, and yet I wait until DNC declares it’s no one else, but HC to finally relax.

Savannah Barker recently informed in her beautiful article in the Medium some three aspects as to why so many young women joins in the BS’s camp, and I opined in my response focusing on one aspect that the reason appears to be that many Millennial Feminists are innocent idealists having been too underexposed to the real world and more importantly to real HC. Hence, they were nearly helplessly drawn to BS out of their own idealism. They love the passionate talks of “political revolution” of BS, without noticing it lacks the real applicable practical details, contrasting what HC puts out issue after issue for all the world to see.

Therefore, the cure for HC losing so many young women to BS in primaries includes that HC has to show more of her entire person so that many young women who have notions misinformed about the real HC. It is so very clear that there is just no better prepared, experienced, qualified candidate than HC when one sees and learns more of her for our next PLOTUS. With HC, we are to have the most viable, the best possible PLOTUS the US would have up to now. Now is the time we elect HC, only because she is the best, not because she is a woman. But it happens to be even better, because she is a woman, opening up the chance for all females to know finally they are indeed equal to men!

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