What you can do to match up to your favorite writer. My blogging advice.
Tiffany Sun

I find you, TS, my latest inspiration. First of all, there’s the several octave higher up circuits of smarts that you exude is the profound attraction.

And then, the very place where you inhabit & swirl about overflows with all the riches I search that which are spread out for anyone who comes to indulge in heart’s content.

Added to that, I find the place is a warm, welcoming, gentle, nurturing place; large, wide, & open in a fragrant hedge so that when I look up I find the blue sky above & look around seeing the green forest with all its splendor even a clean running brook nearby.

I feel I can truly rest my feet in comfort, while at the same time my victuals are spread out free to feed as much as I need. What blessing for TS exists for does like me!

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