“You should never be afraid doing things that are not part of your “official job description”.
Jason McMahon

JM, I find a valuable wisdom in what you are writing, especially when your good intention can be misunderstood as ‘What’s a catch?’ by some, simply because there’s “disconnect” as you wrote; the person you try to help does not know you and you did not appear sufficiently benign to her/him.

Still, I think a true good intention is somehow felt & accepted as good. The irony is we need to know who & where our usefulness is truly needed as there is a saying ‘Don’t throw your pearl to a pig, because it doesn’t know its worth & can’t be benefited by.’

Even in giving & sacrificing we need to know & to give wisely & properly, it seems. Besides, no one has enough or superfluous time as well as goodwill to waste where those are not needed, and those who are ready to give are usually richer, wiser, & smarter to know what they are doing, and this is a comfort!

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