Plants Don’t Get Enough Credit
R. Philip Bouchard

PB, this is your second article I read; I cannot imagine what have I been missing due to my ignorance as to the very fact that there exists such a beautiful & valuable human being writing all these articles that I didn’t even know of, not to mention the delights & pleasures that I could have enjoyed & the knowledge I could have accumulated even to share with the world!

Your title in this article, “Plants Don’t Get Enough Credit” is very well chosen, and you tackled the greater part of the thesis of your title by bringing out in great depths & widths of solidly supporting facts; for example, plants alone produce oxygen, without which we cannot exist, not to mention survive, and they alone convert the sun energy into organic energy the living organisms utilize only to list just two very basic parts.

Few other aspects I may point out on top of my head here is following; you described beautifully honey is not produced by bees, but Angiosperms (flowering plants) and bees merely collected them on route foraging it for their food, happened to benefit plants by pollination plants need, thus benefiting each other.

Other benefits Angiosperms produce in addition to honey, the food category, need to include: One is fragrances. Humans enjoy the perfumes, and vast number of human populations depend their entire livelihood on the perfume industries. Two is the color the flowers produce; they somehow concoct only the way they know utilizing the basic energy source from the sun, materials from the earth the dizzying array of colors in form of dyes. Its byproduct is the beauty in nature we welcome and seek out for inspirations. Thus, the great part of natural beauty we enjoy in our lives is from that which the flowering plants produce.

Three can be that plants produce spices & other fineries such as teas, coffee & chocolates humans are now quite used to, difficult living without. Four is plants give us various precious medicines. And each area can be detailed & expanded to conclude only tersely here at this moment.

You wrote wonderfully well that plants indeed don’t get enough credits, but to pay attention even only slightly we can gather countless benefits they bring to humans and other living organisms in our midst. I second after you that plants surely deserve further followings and proper recognitions. Nay, more loving appreciations!