How to Use Steve Jobs’ Simple Innovation Routine
Elle Kaplan

Someone who comes out to take a risk is not a fresh starter, not a foolhardy risk-taker at all, but s(he) has gone through his brainstormings done already, and in a way s(he) is quite ready to try on/out to test himself to see if his idea(s) were correct or not. S(he) is ‘advanced’ standing, having a solid foundation in the subject area knowledge, while his background & hobbies are somehow tilted almost too sharply or ‘weirdly’ different from the convention. And one day s(he) happens to suggest to the team that he has something to show, which could be an example that there might be something “smart risk” takable material has been brewing in the pot.

We take risks only knowing the entire scheme to be when the imagination is based on the common source laying around, but this ‘weirdo’ alone saw it in a different angle whereas no one saw it before. There are accidental or serial progresses led to that point for any “smart risk” are decided to take are preponderantly only by those who thought long and deeply. When only these people take risks, the risk-taken might bring the worthy results. Here the risk taken is believing the weirdo and given a chance to him to prove. We meet not infrequently these invaluable smart weirdos everywhere.

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