Lessons Learnt In Solitude
Zaira Abbas

Thanks, Zaira, for you sent me or posted a piece entitled “Lessons Leant in Solitude” to answer my request for a piece you wrote earlier though as I remember it as “Solitude.” Simply, vividly as just “Solitude.” I was to return to read it again, but I could not find it soon after at the time.

I find the current piece you sent(showed) me brings nearly the similar effect into my core, quenching a certain thirst in me somewhat likeness of homesickness of a remembered comfort. Not quite the same effect, though, wrought might be yet from the result of either the time duration of six or seven months from my first reading it to present that which might’ve ‘changed’ me as though I am not the same one, but ‘grew up,’ or perchance the exact piece I was searching for is still out somewhere not been yet located?!

What I know for certain now is that I’d never be able to remove that deep satisfying feeling of gratitude for having been allowed to see something so grand and precious uncovered before me. Thanks, Zaira Abbas, for you affect me ever so!

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