The Right To Write
Zaira Abbas

The things your eyes see & bring out to the surface here are nearly always move and shake my core. I tend to respond with ‘awe’ “How precious, what an eye & soul to see it just as so, closer or closest to that which is and describe it as the closest as it is.”

I tend not to reveal but hold my vulnerability to myself, but I tell now that I experience often my bodily transformation along with my shaken inner core as the tightening of my throat and hot tears gather in my eyes and then my nose always runneth over asking me for tissues.

I thank you & the Medium founders at the same time for the latter somehow foresaw and brought these route of meeting of minds possible in the open air. I say my thanks to both from the bottom of my heart; ZA & the Medium contributed to the humanity already more than tens of thousands of others throughout the earthly time could & have been in just a tiny point of time in comparison, and should be aware of it. Treasures of our time you both are!

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