I wanted to write a quick note to thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Hillary Clinton

To me, you are our next POTUS already. You are the first female presidential candidate in the USA as qualified, nay even surpassing other candidates nearly all of whom happened to be men, and among whom our 44 men presidents had been chosen & served.

Now the US is finally poised to elect a woman, because there happened to be no better qualified presidential candidate, who happened to be ‘blessedly’ a woman, who has been preparing to be a president for her entire adult life, acquiring exceedingly excellent knowledge & experiences to serve people well as a President, and who is sound & wholesome in mind & spirit having bred in Judaeo-Christian beliefs, knowing & feeling what ordinary citizens need, dream, & long for their better daily lives.

As a contemporary to the Germany’s physicist Chancellor Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton for together they being brilliant women state-persons in the world arena today elevates & equalizes at last the weaker sex, the female populations of the world, the half of entire humanities.

I, as millions of other female persons of the world, am very grateful to HRC, who came forward to fight & win for women at this particular time in USA, and winning for women means winning for men as well for they are no other than our brothers, fathers, & loved ones!

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