A new habit in the year 2017

Shirley Lai
Jan 6, 2017 · 2 min read

Perhaps it’s my (new!) job as a UX designer, but I find myself more willing to chat with others these days. Yes, even chattier than I already am 😂 I’m currently quite deprived in the interviewing aspect at work so I’m taking things into my own hands and interviewing my GrabShare drivers instead.

It’s a stress-free situation and I felt that I’m listening better and asking more interesting or in-depth questions.

For example I’ve learnt that a driver might use both Grab or Uber, but that’s usually not recommended, as his call-back rate might be affected if he has only driven a short line of customers. According to this driver, Uber is best for the downtown area, as that app is usually used by high-flying customers, and Grab is likely the preferred choice of people living in the suburbs.

Of the few GrabShares I’ve taken in the past two weeks, at least two drivers had issues with customers opting for cash, and forgetting to pay up at the end of the ride. The app does not notify, or not clearly enough anyway, if a customer is paying by cash or card. I think Grab needs to improve the driver’s app 😂

Tonight I got into a car that was “zhng-ed”(Singlish for modified or upgrade), with all bells and vroom-vrooms, and something like three speedometer (or related things) on the dashboard. That conversation went from racing (it’s more exciting in Singapore!), to the driving etiquette of Singaporeans vs Malaysians (Singaporeans have NONE), to finally, the benefits of a Class 5 driver’s license (the starting pay is $4.5k, and you mostly slack until you are called up to work that crane).

In less than 20 minutes, one can learn so much about someone else’s life, or even something new.

I’m loving this new habit 😬

Shirley Lai

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