Shirley Lai
May 8, 2017 · 1 min read

Hey Aanjulena, as a designer and UXer, I hear you XD

I’ve never expected things to be pixel perfect when published, but only wish that some developers I’ve worked with would learn some hierachy and “eye” for design. Some devs would set everything in illegible tight leading and everything in copy font, when the mocks sent over clearly indicated styles and at least some form of hierachy, and I will be made to ask, “Why?”

I started searching for better tools that would help bridge the gap between Sketch and reality (hur hur), and chanced upon Zeplin and Avocode. My previous app developers thought Zeplin helped quite a bit in that all measurements can be referenced constantly. But I think Avocode might be an even better fit, since Sketch files can be inspected for CSS, Less, Sass, Less, SCSS, Stylus, Swift codes.

Is that something that would sound efficient/useful to a developer?

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