Keep in mind

There are certain things I have learned along the way in my life. I am maintaining this list so that I can keep reminding myself

  1. F**k intentions: Decisions and actions move the world, no matter how good the intentions. Observe what people do and do not fall for them just because of what they say or you believe their heart is in the right place.
  2. Rise Up: Don’t count how many times you have been put down. Stand up again. Never give up. Keep on moving.
  3. Bend It or Bend Over.
  4. You have control over yourself and not what happens to you.
  5. Life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Keeping them close to you will only make life more sour.
  6. When facing a difficult choice, choose the one which will make you more happy and give it your best shot. Even if you fail, you will never feel regretful.
  7. You have failed many times. You will fail again. Failure is not the opposite of success, it is part of the process. Unsuccessful are those who never try.
  8. Own it when you are wrong. You screwed up: Accept it, apologise and fix it if you can. If you cannot fix it, forgive yourself but don’t forget about it.
  9. Keep an open mind.
  10. Bridge the gap between reality and your perspective.
  11. Liberals of today are conservatives of tomorrow.
  12. Your thoughts control you or is it the other way around ?
  13. Write. It will help you clear your mind.
  14. Optimise your life for time. It is a limited resource. Spend wisely.
  15. Life is funny, the path you take to avoid something, sometimes takes you to the thing you wanted to avoid.
  16. Don’t lie. There is no good outcome. But be tactful when you tell the truth, most people don’t like it.
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