The Jury is in… and the verdict…

Ok so this isn’t a court case… Lol. However the test results are in and we have a plan!!

I am happy to report that all of our tests that have been run so far have came back with great numbers, all except for my vitamin D levels which lets face it mine have been low for awhile now, plus of where we live which is normal for this time of year.

So Dr. Schmidt’s plan is to have me start my cycle with provera yet we will meet again .Provera and I have become quite acquainted since starting this journey. After this I will take Femara & will be doing HCG Trigger shots. Ultrasounds will also be done to help us achieve our little miracle. I love how he is going to be able to tell us down to the hour when I will ovulate.

This isnt a journey I thought I would ever be on- Its crazy the amount of people who have to go through this. I am happy to help anyone who has questions etc. thats the whole point of be starting our blog was to help someone get through this crazy process.

Yay for not ovulating , low vitamin D levels & my body being on estrogen overload. JK — this is just me being sarcastic btw. Im so happy for answers and to have a plan in place.

I dont know exactly when we will begin this journey again as I have been giving my body a break from things, we were awaiting test results and waiting on some other things.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers during this journey & pray our end result will be a healthy momma & baby & pregnancy ❤