Let’s start with Certificates

SSL refers to Secure Socket Layer. It is used to encrypt connections. TLS refers to Transport Layer Security, which is a newer version of SSL. Nowadays, TLS is mainly used, but people still refer to SSL.

What is it SSL do?

An SSL certificate allows traffic between your clients and your load balancer to be encrypted in transit(in-flight encryption).

Public SSL certificates are issued by Certificate Authorities (CA) like Comodo, Symantec, GoDaddy, GlobalSign, etc… using this public certificate attach to our load balancer we will able to encrypt the connection between the client and load balancer.

It also has an expiration date (you set) and must be renewed from time to time. …

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Recently started reading a lot about AWS and doing some practical things to be in hand-on touch with the concept. After reading about IAM user and EC2 I got to this interesting topic which I can be really important when you’re building a highly distributed system.

So it comes down to two things. This will be some basic before we start with the main topic but it kind of relates to that. I’m talking about scalability and high availability.

Scalability means that an application can handle greater loads by adapting some techniques. There are two kinds of scalability:-

Vertical scalability means increasing the size of the instance. …

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For the last week, I’m trying to implement push notification for iOS and Android. With android, it was really easy but in order to implement in iOS, it takes a little bit of effort and little clarity about the concepts it uses.

We’re going to implement this in the native ios app. If you want to set up a Firebase Cloud Messaging client app on iOS please follow this tutorial.


What is a push notification?

A push notification is a message that pops up on a mobile device. App publishers can send them at any time; users don’t have to be in the app or using their devices to receive them. They can do a lot of things; for example, they can show the latest sports scores, get a user to take any action, such as downloading a coupon or let a user know about an event, such as a flash sale. …


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