Prompt #1
Janice Pang

Design: Reusable Plastic Water Bottle

Although the reusable plastic water bottle has tools and processes to manufacture and implement the material in the design, the method is purely based on efficiency. This idea gears away from the craftsmanship of process and focuses on mass production (something that is a little contradictory to its purpose because mass production is often not a sustainable practice). In this sense, the method is not directly reflective of Papanek’s theory. On the other hand, the water bottle does serve its function and is capable of holding and dispensing water without leaking. The use, the need for a more sustainable outlet to disposable water containers, and the particular circumstances of nature and society that led to the creation of the bottle are valid. In addition, the design is rooted from the association of previous designs of water bottles and appears to be universal with such designs. The aesthetics of this design are aimed to take on a form that is easy to hold by adding curves to the bottle to minimize slipping grips and possibly reflect the shape of the user through a reflection and connection to the bottle’s impact on life and the life cycle.

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